We give life to communication

  • Integral organization of events: design, production and development.
  • Over 60 creative professionals and technical experts in live communication.

Our art? professionalism + creativity + efficiency

Professionalism tested

Only company in our area member of the Club for Excellence of Events.


Unique and unrepeatable

We make no two alike. Your briefing and your goals are our inspiration.


Event, what for?

There is life after the event and the return of your investment will be secured.

Evento ROI

First, people

Methodology inspired by the people, because we are not all the same.

Evento ROI

Awards: they are not our goal but we also like

Eventoplus 2012

Evento plus

2011 best sporting event by the first edition of Bilbao Triathlon.


Evento plus

2009. Best technical infrastructure in the celebration of the X anniversary of the Palacio Euskalduna .


Evento plus

2008 Better measuring the impact of an event by the Convention SDP Seville 2007 for Procter & Gamble.

EIBTM 2008


2008. EIBTM 2008 in the category of "Best Event Evaluation" by the the project developed for Convention 2007 Procter & Gamble SDP.